Luchini and Bigard “are idiots!” (and even worse)

Guest of En Aparté, François Cluzet gave a rant. The angry actor did not hesitate to qualify Fabrice Luchini and Jean-Marie Bigard as “idiots” and “megalomaniacs”. He asked them to “shut their mouths”…

Francois Cluzet, 66 years old, doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket. guest in As an aside on Canal + on March 21, the actor did not hesitate to point the finger at two actors who annoy him to the highest point. It is Fabrice Luchini and Jean-Marie Bigard… “They are jerks!“, he simply dropped before explaining that he did not appreciate their constant criticism of the policies:”I don’t mince my wordsonce again… It happens to me to be stupid and it has happened to me perhaps more times than to others, but there, they are stupid because they jump at the opportunity of the pandemic”.

François Cluzet asks Luchini and Bigard to “shut their mouths”

The poster actor Squadby Louis-Julien Petit, which will be released in theaters on March 23, continued its momentum by asking the two actors toshut up. In October 2020, François Cluzet had already arrested Fabrice Luchini and Jean-Marie Bigard, who criticized at the time the establishment of the curfew. “All these people do us a lot of harm (…) I refer to those who are better able to tell us how to deal with a scourge of which we know nothing“, had declared the actor.

Luchini and Bigard, “megalos” for François Cluzet

Words that he does “don’t regret“, a year and a half later.”I openly think so, they are megalos! Et the other moron of first who presents himself to be president of the Republic, saying, ‘Fuck you all’. But it’s not okay? Where are these guys from?“, he got annoyed even more, referring to Jean Marie Bigard who had, for a time, declared that he would present himself as a candidate for the Elysée. And the actor Untouchables to conclude: “Let them leave us alone. We’re screwed enough. They give us hope.”