Lucía de la Cruz lashes out at Brunella Torpoco after announcing her return to the stage | entertainment | celebrity | SHOWS

Some days ago, Brunella Torpoco announced her return to the stage. Although she had said that she was retiring after her mother had been the victim of threats from extortionists, she mentioned that she will sing and perform again. This announcement was highly criticized by the Creole Lucía de la Cruz.

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“Above all, she (Brunella) must have great respect for the public. She can’t go out and say one thing and then another. You have to think carefully about what she is going to say to herself”, expressed by Trome.

He then continued with: “Perhaps at some point you have been scared, but you always have to be calm and have people who advise you well”.

“Brunella is very talented, I love her very much and I hope that her artistic career and personal life go well, that she always be on the right path”he added.

Lucía de la Cruz on Gino Assereto’s show: “I would be stupid to pay 4 thousand soles for him to only dance”

After “This is war” returned to the small screen with a new season, the members of the reality show once again had great acceptance in the events that take place on weekends, highlighting among the hirings Jossmery Toledo, Fabio Agostini and Gino Assereto.

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The Creole singer Lucía de la Cruz, Through the Magaly Medina program, he gave his “humble” opinion about the reality boys and the quality of the events they carry out. In addition, she assured that she would not invest to see the shows.

“I don’t know Gino (Assereto), I would be too stupid to pay 4,000 soles to hire him to dance like a coju… or like a hue… I charge 4,000 soles at a disco to sing 35 minutes and I deliver my show ”, Lucia said indignantly.