Lucía Méndez becomes a drag queen for a day – El Sol de México

In order not to fail in its commitment to the community LGBTTI+, Lucia Mendez turned into a drag queen for one day, since he will not be able to go this Saturday to the tour of the Angel of Independence to the Zócalo.

After five hours of being characterized as The Dredger Mendez, the actress expressed in a chat with The Sun of Mexico: “To be Draga, talent, patience and professionalism are required, there are hours of work to achieve all the attire and makeup, it is impressive because it is very creative and above all the talent they have on stage, it is very applaudable, definitely to be Draga is to be very bitchy”.

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She publicly thanked the gesture of having been invited as queen, a title that she declined in 2022 because “this Saturday I will be in Miami, seeing a very important job proposal that they offer me, in addition to the fact that I will have a meeting with several producers, for the same relevant project.

It will also give a message through social networks to the LGBTTI+ community on Saturday the 25th. “I am very happy that they are going to march, to fight for their rights and live an impressive experience. The community has been very important to me, I love them not only because they fill my places and see me sing, but because they supported me in my beginnings and today that I am celebrating 50 years of experience, they continue to support me, they continue to love me and they buy my discs”.

A month after being recognized in Los Angeles for her 50 years of experience with the Excellence Award from the United for Music Foundation (UPLM) at the Grammy Museum, Lucía Méndez announced that she is about to release a new song dedicated to her grandfather, an endearing being in her life, plus another unpublished pop song and one with a bolero touch, “these songs will be added to the ones I have on Spotify, where I have almost three million subscribers.”

Lucía Méndez, hopes that soon the reality show you always queen who did it alongside Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata and Lorena Herrera.