Lucía Méndez could have gone to jail for not picking up her pet’s feces

While walking her dog, the protagonist of “You or Nobody” did not pick up the crap left by the animal on the street.

Lucía Méndez received harsh criticism after a video was made public in which it was shown that she did not pick up her pet’s feces while walking it on a street.

The sad moment occurred on May 3 when the “Colorina” actress was walking with her dog during one of the breaks she had in the recordings of her most recent film. The clip was posted on the show “windowing”.

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After all the fuss caused by the images, Lucía finally gave her own version of what happened.

“I didn’t realize it, I pulled it and ran because it was an avenue, imagine, I couldn’t stop to pick it up in the middle of the avenue”he pointed out during a meeting with the media.

The artist added that a person from her team did notice what happened and tried to clean the site, but due to the place where it happened, she could no longer do so.

“Later I realized that Enrique Torres, my makeup artist, wanted to clean or do something, (but) the car passed by and took it away, it was a ball, obviously”the artist pointed out.

The star regretted that the audiences have criticized her so much and have branded her irresponsible for what happened to her dog.

The embarrassing moment occurred while the actress was walking her dog on an avenue in Mexico City. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image /

“They put me as a sweet potato around the world in the networks; but honestly, I couldn’t stay to be crushed (the cars) “said.

Lucía Méndez could have been fined for the action, since, according to article 29 of the Civic Culture Law of Mexico City, those who do not collect the feces of their pets on public roads, throw them away or abandon them outside the containers. they could be arrested from 13 to 24 hours for their action or have to do work in favor of the community from 6 to 12 hours.




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