Lucía Méndez has a heart of stone; these are the men she has rejected

It doesn’t matter if he’s the best-selling Latin singer or the Puerto Rican who dances the best, Lucía Méndez does not tempt her heart when deciding who to have a love relationship with.

The actress and singer is famous for the anecdotes she often tells as part of her life in the art world, including the time she pissed off Madonna and put her in her place because she wanted to force her to dance at a concert.

For many years the veracity of that story that occurred at a Madonna show was doubted, but a few months ago a fragment of a documentary was rescued in which Madonna talks about the incident, although obviously she does not mention Lucía Méndez, but refers to the people sitting in the audience who don’t seem to enjoy the show. The coincidence suggested that La Méndez did not lie.

So now that he has talked about another celebrity rejection, the controversy resurfaces by remembering other cases in which Lucía decided to say no.

  • Luis Miguel. This is a story of love and heartbreak. According to the version of the actress, there was a romance with the singer, a romance that was torrid but fleeting because when she found out that the singer was much younger than her (Lucía assures that she had not realized it), she decided to end the singer. . “You’re bad,” Luis Miguel would have said, who also had a thorn in his side and many years later he returned to claim Lucía Méndez for having broken his heart.
  • Bobby Larios. Lucía Méndez assures that everything that has happened between Bobby Larios and her is a conversation in a restaurant. The rumor that they had an affair was denied by the actress in an interview with the radio program “Todo para la mujer” in which she pointed out that although she was “cute”, her relationship was far from being a romance. .

  • Chayanne. The Puerto Rican singer was left with the desire … according to what Lucía Méndez narrates. In this story, the actress assures that Chayanne went to her hotel room to try to conquer her but that she realized that she was underage (she was 17 years old) and that she had to reject him.

“Chayanne arrived, he was something like my lost fan, then he arrived and Lucía told me that I don’t know what. And I told him no Chayancito, I’m going to sleep, my love, and I told him; No, no corn, no, no, Chayanne, go to your room, my life you are a baby. No, love. no go away”.

This anecdote, told to Martha Figeroa in the “With permission” program, does not end there, but continues with Luis Migiuel, who would have arrived at that same hotel room hours later.

Luismi did achieve what Chayanne could not, but because he lied to La Méndez when he told her that he was 20 years old.