Lucía Méndez reveals how she rejected Chayanne

Mexico.- Lucía Méndez confessed to Pepillo Origel and Martha Figueroa how it was that he rejected Chayanne, when she was in the best stage of her life and career.

Due to her beauty, she had a line of men to go out with her, and among them was not only Luis Miguel but also Chayanne, who was his biggest fan.

Lucia Mendez. Photo: Special.

The Puerto Rican was one of those who fell in love the most in the decades of the 80 and 90, either with their movements, looks and charisma.

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Lucía Méndez did talk that day with Luis Miguel. Photo: Special.

However, it seems that Lucia was not one of the women who was dying for Chayanne and during the program ‘Excuse me’, The actress revealed details about the occasion in which Chayanne “bold up” and went to look for her in the room where she was, at the end of one of the events she attended in Miami, and thus try to conquer her when she I was 30 years old and he was only 17.

Chayanne was very skinny at the time. Photo: Special.

One of the reasons why he refused was precisely his age, but it was not the only one, as he commented that it gave him the feeling that he looked like “a baby” and was quite thin for his tastes.

Chayanne was skinny, he didn’t have that great body. He told me that he was my fan, he came and I told him: ‘Honey, I’m going to sleep now, please. I told him, go to your room, you are a baby, not Chayanne and I went back to sleep, “he said.

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