Lucía Méndez will premiere reality show on Netflix together with these famous controversies

Mexico.- Although he did not want to give many details, Lucia Mendez He did reveal that he had already finished recording the reality show for Netflix in which they also participate Laura Zapata, Lorena Herrera Y Sylvia Pasquel, so it will be released soon.

The actress and singer born in Leon, Guanajuato, said that due to a confidentiality agreement, she could not reveal much information about the Netflix reality show in which she stars alongside other “divas” of the show, but she is very happy with this job.

I can’t really talk much, but I can already say it because they already said it, it’s a reality show that is Sylvia (Pasquel), Laura (Zapata), Lorena Herrera and I’m there, “he revealed to the Ventaneando program.

Lucía Méndez said that this was the first time that Netflix has made a reality show with Latinas “it was not easy to make a reality show, you can imagine… but it is very well cared for, very well done and I am really very happy because they took great care of it.”

Laura Zapata, Lorena Herrera and Sylvia Pasquel, all strong-willed actresses, also participate in the Netflix reality show. Photos: Instagram

Although he does not know exactly the official date of the premiere of the reality show, he said that it will probably be in November of this year, since it is already in the production and editing process, since the recordings finished 10 days ago. “I am very glad I did.”

The Guanajuato native added that she has other projects, since she will soon travel to Chile to work on a campaign in support of abandoned elderly people, in which she will sing a song.

In addition, she will celebrate the anniversary of her birth on January 26, since she expressed that she no longer has a birthday, but rather “discounts years”, however, she said that she will only celebrate it with two people, because she fears catching coronavirus.

“I will be celebrating with two people in my house, period, because I am horrified, I am very lazy that I get COVID,” added Lucía Méndez.

Lucía Méndez, from Guanajuato, will be 67 years old in a few days. Photo: Instagram

Laura Zapata does not want to give details either

The soap opera villain, Laura Zapata, was also interviewed on the TV Azteca show program, but she also did not want to give many details about the reality show for Netflix in which she worked with Lucía Méndez, with whom it is rumored that she had a “fight ‘.

“I can’t talk about it because I have a secrecy contract, confidentiality, very important things are coming and I thank God that I have participated,” explained the actress who was celebrating her grandmother’s 104th birthday this January 18, Eva Mange .

However, according to Laura Zapata, the premiere of the reality show through the Netflix platform will be in the middle of this year.

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