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After passing through local theaters, “Who said Detox?”, a film directed by Rosa María Santisteban, is transferred to the platforms but in miniseries format.

Luciana Blomberg, the protagonist of the story, who plays Connie, a young lawyer who will be involved in a bet to win an account at the studio where she works, does not hide her enthusiasm for this new opportunity given to the film. “This way we can continue to show the work that was done with a lot of effort, people will be able to enjoy it on a super friendly platform (Movistar TV) and it is in a different format than the one that was in theaters, now as a miniseries,” says the actress.

Did the movie not have much luck in theaters?

What happens is that when the film was released the rooms were just beginning to reopen and the capacity was 40 percent, that did not help much for the film to have so many arrivals when it was on the billboard. Now it is on a platform and people will be able to enter to see it whenever they can, who said Detox? It is a very funny movie that has a very nice message, it talks about challenges, it motivates you not to make excuses, change routines, find new ways of living and connecting with others.

Each character that is faced requires preparation, how did it go with Connie?

I always believe that it is the characters who choose you, and if this happens it is because you have something of the character. Connie is a girl who has many responsibilities on her shoulders, she is too focused on everything that is the work part, but all the emotional side of her is very neglected. Within the film she must go through a transformation in order to get a contract and that leads her to rethink things about her life.

Do you question her?

When I build characters I try to put myself in her shoes and understand her psychology, how she makes decisions or what leads her to make them. For that process I also have to start remembering things in my life or start asking myself questions.

At some point in your life you had to question what you were doing. Did you start to rethink things?

All the time, human beings are always in constant change, every once in a while one has to ask himself the question of whether this is what I want, that is the right path. As life goes by, one builds things, and what you build is not destroyed, but you also begin to raise new possibilities of looking at other places.

And in these moments in what scenario are you developing?

Well, I am an actress, I have been acting since I left school, I am lucky to be able to work as an actress and be able to develop myself in this work space and now I am teaching an acting workshop for teenagers, I have always liked teaching.

Your character as Sofia in “Back to the neighborhood” gave you great exposure, how did you handle it?

I am grateful for the job that I have had, this job that I have had for five years because it gave me the opportunity to build a character that has been a reference for many adolescents. The truth is that my career has been in the media, but not my personal life. The retribution that I have received from the people who have approached me every time I was walking down the street, or who have written me a message, has always been from a place of great respect for what I am doing. For me it is manageable because I am prepared to answer for my work.

There are those who expose everything and then complain when the media harass them…

What happens with social networks is that in them you can show everything you want, as if you had a television channel and you decide to show your audience the content that you find relevant, interesting. There are people who understand their private life as a reality show, they decide to show it publicly and that means they also have to respond to their public based on the information they are giving. I use my social networks as a means to share things that interest me regarding to acting and that build me as an artist; I don’t have to tell people what I ate…not those things.

Luciana Bloomberg

Actress. She studied in the workshop of Roberto Ángeles and then went to Mexico where she stayed for two years and managed to enter the Televisa Center for Artistic Education. Her participation in popular series has given her the job she needed.


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