Luciana Sandoval impacts and fans want her in Miss Universe

Luciana Sandoval continues to steal the sighs of her followers on social networks, who praise the famous television presenter.

Luciana Sandoval impacts with each of her publications on social networks, this has just happened again in her most recent post on Instagram. In the video she appears modeling an outfit very seductive.

The famous presenter of the “Viva la mañana” program was on everyone’s lips, and it is not only her look that impresses her thousands of followers, but also her figure, on which she has worked hard in recent years.

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“A perfect dress for the weekend,” she wrote next to the video in which she models with great grace and her great body can be appreciated.

Luciana Sandoval left all her followers speechless with her figure.

Video of an illustrative and non-commercial nature /

In a short time the audiovisual accumulated 25,000 reproductions, hundreds of likes and dozens of comments from people who were impressed with the audiovisual.

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“Goddess!”, “It is always a pleasure and a pleasure to see a person as beautiful as my Luciana, blessings, kisses and hugs, blessings beautiful princess”, “perfect for Miss Universe that will be in El Salvador”, “I am your admirer since I was a child”, “I love all the styles you wear, but you should also think about the full ones”, “how beautiful Luciana, you are beautiful”, “it would be nice if you were miss universe because you always it has been beautiful Blessings”, “magical beauty”, were the reactions.

Sandoval remains one of the most beautiful of the Salvadoran show business, so her postcards always generate a lot of movement on social networks.