Lucie (Star Ac’ 4), threatened with death after her cheeky message to Booba

Booba attacked Stromae and his “suicidal thoughts” at 8 p.m. Remarks remained across the throat of Lucie Bernardoni who was not afraid to answer the rapper …. But the ex-candidate of Star Ac ‘was quickly disillusioned by receiving a flood of insults …

Lucie Bernardoni did not expect to trigger a wave of violence when she published a message addressed to Booba on Instagram… In order to defend Stromae, whom the rapper had insulted “big shit” and of “inflated with xanax to talk about his depressionafter his delivery of his title Hell on the 8 p.m. news from TF1, the finalist of the Star Academy 4 had uttered a big rant in turn. “We, anxious and depressed people, wish Booba a good big anxiety attack. A real one, the one that makes you think you’re dying, with the sweats, the racing heart, the total. Is it still necessary to have the sensitivity and the neurons necessary for it to happen? And as he says aptly in the description of his Twitter bio: “You’re going to need balls and a brain.” Let’s start with the brain. For the good of all“, had written the singer in a post since deleted.

Lucie Bernardoni, insulted and threatened

In the space of just one day, the wife of Patrice Maktav (Star Ac 1) received a multitude of insults and threats on social networks … A wave far from intimidating the 34-year-old artist , who spoke again, this time sharing a childhood photo taken in Nice in 1989.

When I read some comments here or there for a few hours, when I become aware of the kindness of some and the unconsciousness of others who would like me to “throw myself under a bridge“among other festivities, I wonder if some realize what they write”, began Lucie Bernardoni, before continuing: “And I think back to that time. My God, what can I miss sometimes. You’re going to have to be tough and strong, the little ones. This world is difficult, but keep within you, always, this little light of childhood which can take you anywhere. And to those who insult, wish me dead here or elsewhere, for so little, all go fuck yourselves“.

Lucie Bernardoni assumes and responds to the “assholes”

Far from mincing words, the singer assumed her words and tackled her haters: “I bless the time of face to face meetings where anonymity did not allow all this gratuitous hatred towards others. Once again, me I write in my name. I will always assume everything I think about subjects that affect me. I would so like to see the cowards face to face behind their screens. JI am a woman, I speak loudly and I write loudly. Whatever. Threaten me, insult me. Continue, if some wish. But never forget that one day, everything is paid for. Always. Karma, it seems”.

“Have a lovely day everybody. Even the assholes, if it can calm them down“, finally concluded Lucie Bernardoni, once again largely supported by her subscribers.