Lucien Laviscount, from ‘Emily in Paris’, favorite to be the new James Bond

Lucien Laviscount He achieved international fame by belonging to the cast of the successful series ‘Emily in Paris‘, a production that he joined from the second season in 2021. Thanks to the great reception that his ‘Alfie’ character has had, everything seems to indicate that he could be selected for a larger project.

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To be more exact, for a few days the name of this 30-year-old actor sounds like one of the great options to become the new james bond.

In the Netflix series, which recently premiered its third installment, Laviscount plays the seductive English boyfriend of the leading lady, traits that could come in handy if he becomes the next 007 agent.

In his native country, Lucien Laviscount is recognized for his work in multiple series and films, although he is also widely remembered for having participated in the popular reality Big Brother, in the year 2011.

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Now, English could be the replacement for Daniel Craigwho was in charge of being James Bond for 15 years and has been one of the favorites for the great fans of the iconic character.

It all started because a source told the Daily Mail that Barbara Broccoli, in charge of Eon Productions, which is the producer that owns the franchise, who is thinking about the possibility of choosing Laviscount is in charge of bringing Bond to the new generations. “Lucien ticks all the boxes”, revealed the source.

And not only that, the woman indicated that the franchise owners already imagine the young man using “with 007’s tuxedo and considering how dapper and role-appropriate he’ll look”.

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At the moment it is known that the final decision has not been made, Broccoli did make it clear in a podcast, in 2021, that he is in search of the new James Bond: “We want the actor to be British (…) and British, as we know, can be many things.”.

What is known is that the franchise wants an actor who has the ability to represent a new era, which is why he may not be a white James Bond, they even point to the possibility that he is non-binary.