Ludivine Rétory reveals her cash salary to TPMP People and at 6 to 7, “It changed my life”

Ludivine Rétory is a columnist in the 6 to 7 just before the TPMP show with Cyril Hanouna. She is also involved in TPMP People hosted by Matthieu Delormeau on weekends. The young woman was on the set of Jordan de Luxe for Tele-Leisure. She confessed the salary she receives for participating in the show TPMP along with the merry band…

TPPM: how much does Ludivine Rétory earn?

As soon as she joined the cheerful columnist of TPMP, Ludivine Rétory has found her place. She is sincere, spontaneous and does not hesitate to talk about her personal life. Even the most trying times. Indeed, a few months ago, she testified about domestic violence. A subject that she knows and that she experienced, because her mother was a victim. As you will have understood, this bubbly young woman has no taboos and she is not afraid to express herself on delicate subjects, such as income…

Indeed, in France, this can lead to jealousy and criticism, but too bad for the haters, she assumes what she earns and she is proud of it. It was last year, in June 2021, in The 6 to 7 of TPMPshe had suddenly confessed the amount of her salary for her participation in the program of C8… Bernard Montiel was rather shocked and refused to do the same…

Ludivine Rétory admits her cash compensation for TPMP

Recently, the columnist of TPMP was a guest on the show At Jordan’s. We know that the facilitator always manages to push the personalities to make some confidences. Ludivine Rétory is no exception to the rule, especially since with her outspokenness, it was not difficult to learn her little secrets. Once again, without complex, Ludivine Rétory mentions her remuneration for her presence during the week at the 6 to 7 and on Saturday at TPMP People. The young woman explained how she was much more comfortable since her participation in C8. “It changed my life. I’m in contract, I’m lucky”. Indeed, other columnists are paid “freelance”. A bit like an editor: no articles, no salaries. Thus, the columnists are paid for their presence.

Thus, their salary will depend on their attendance rate. We know that Cyril Hanouna and the production of C8 can change heads at any time in order to renew the team. Ludivine Rétory also specifies that their fee is between 250 and 1000 euros depending on the person, “depending on notoriety, background”. For her, the context is different. Her situation is like that of Danielle Moreau who is on fixed-term contract. “We have seasonal contracts”, she points out. So the columnist of TPMP has a contract for one year, with a minimum guarantee of remuneration every month. “We have a number of shows per week that we define together when we resign. Whether or not we are on screen, we still have a guaranteed salary at the end of the month. And that is chic”admits the columnist.

Very comfortable financially!

So when Jordan de Luxe asks Ludivine Rétory how much she earns, she doesn’t hesitate to answer. “It’s not crazy, honestly. Last year, when I was on one show a week, I was maybe around 1600 or 1800 euros a month, she says. But, things have evolved since it is present in the 6 to 7 and also in TPMP People. “There, it’s much more comfortable because I have more emissions. Even if I only have one signed, I do more. This year, we are around 3500 euros per month, it’s a very good salary “.

Of course, compared to other of his colleagues, his salary is not necessarily high. Who is she talking about? “Sometimes it’s a salary far removed from the seat next to me. Jean-Michel always said he earned 750 euros per show and he made five a week”, admits the columnist. In any case, she is very satisfied with her work and her salary: “I make a very good living. I’m nobody so I am very happy and very gratefulshe ends with great humility.