Lugner still not healthy

Since December 26, Richard Lugner has been in bed rest instead of a dream beach.

Sick. It is his annual break when Richard Lugner jets to the Maldives after the Christmas holidays. But this year the dream vacation turns into a nightmare, because Mörtel can only enjoy it from his sick bed. The master builder has been suffering from a stubborn cold that won’t go away for many weeks. Even when departing for the Four Seasons luxury resort in Kuda Huraa in the Maldives, Lugner still didn’t feel fit.

Bed rest on the dream beach in Maldives

gentleness. Arriving in the holiday paradise, Mörtel was only able to go for a short walk on the beach. Since then he has been in bed and receiving medical attention. Lugner only sees the dream beach from the bedroom. Yesterday, however, he dared to get out of bed for a short time.

For today’s New Year’s Eve, Mörtel hopes to be reasonably fit again so that he can celebrate the new year with his daughter Jacqueline, who is traveling with him, and her friend Leo Kohlbauer. “I would like to see the fireworks,” hopes Lugner.

Mortar in talk with AUSTRIA:

Lugner: “I’m not doing well”

AUSTRIA: How are you, Mr. Lugner?

Richard Lugner: I am not feeling very well. I had a cold when I took off on December 26th. Since arriving in the Maldives I have slept day and night and only been at breakfast and dinner. Until Thursday I just lay in bed. I was up for half the day yesterday.

AUSTRIA: Are you under the care of a doctor?

Liar: Yes, fortunately I also have medical care here at the Four Seasons Hotel on Kuda Huraa.

AUSTRIA: When do you think you’ll be reasonably fit again?

Liar: I’ll try to be so fit again on New Year’s Eve that I can celebrate a little bit into the new year.