Lugner’s opera ball star guest: The eventful past of Jane Fonda

Fonda was twelve years old when her mother took her own life. She grew up with her grandmother in the US state of Connecticut. As the daughter of the stage and film star Henry Fonda and sister of Peter Fonda acting was in her blood. She learned her craft at the famous New York Actors Studio.

New York theater critics celebrated her in 1960 as “best young actress”. In the romantic comedy “Tall Story” (1960) she was in front of the film camera for the first time with Anthony Perkins. The French director Roger Vadimthe one before Bridget Bardot discovered, she followed a little later to Paris. He gave her several roles and made her a world-famous sex symbol with the erotic science fiction film “Barbarella”.

Back in Hollywood, Fonda earned her first Oscar nomination as a marathon dancer in the drama Only Horses Are Done. She won the coveted prize twice: in 1971 for her role as a prostitute in “Klute” and in 1978 for the Vietnam War drama “Coming Home”. Films like “The China Syndrome” and the family drama “Am Goldenen See” followed – the first and only film in which Fonda appeared alongside her terminally ill father.

At the Venice Film Festival 2017, Fonda and Robert Redford celebrated with the Golden Lion for her life’s work. At the same time, they presented their new love film “Our Souls at Night”, their fourth joint film after “A Man is Hunted”, “Barefoot in the Park” and “The Electric Rider”.

Jane Fonda, the aerobics icon

With aerobic videos, and later also with stretching and yoga, Fonda built up a fitness empire in the 1980s. Decades later, she received an artificial knee joint and a new hip. Last April 2022, she spoke about getting older. “I’m very aware that I’m closer to death, and I don’t really mind that that much,” she said on the CBS Sunday Morning television show. “The fact is, I’m still alive and working at almost 85. Wow! Who cares if I don’t have my old joints anymore? And I can’t ski, bike or jog anymore?” You can feel really old at 60 and “really young” at 85.