Luis Felipe Tovar takes Powerful Victory to Chicago – El Sol de México

“I hope to bring one of the awards to Mexico with the film Mighty Victory of Raúl Ramón, I think so…”, declared the actor Luis Felipe Tovar, who in the plot plays a disabled person with the nickname of The one-eyed and who reported that he will present the film this Sunday the 24th, at the 38th edition of the Chicago International Latino Film Festival.

The film, which competes with other Latin productions in the contest, has already won the Audience Award at the last International Film Festival in Guadalajara.

After the presentation of the second season of the Televisa comedy show losing the judgment, Tovar reiterated that after the commercial release of the film, Raúl Ramón’s debut feature, last October, “it is having great success on the national festival circuit as well as abroad. It is a beautiful story, beautiful, romantic, a love story. It shows a town that loses the possibility of the train passing through there again, when the mineral deposits run out, it is impossible for the region’s economy to be generated and part of the town’s inhabitants decide to emigrate and others stay behind. build a new train. They join with La Esperanza, as the place is called, a lame, a maimed, a blind man and I who am The one-eyedall of us disabled, we became heroes by making the new train a reality,” he said.

Mighty Victoryin which Damián Alcazar, Joaquín Cosío, Edgar Vivar, Eduardo España, Adal Ramones, and Lorena de la Torre also perform, will close the seventh edition of the Taxco Festival 2022, which began on April 22 and ends on April 30, with two screenings. .

He is a prosecutor in losing the judgment

With an extensive career in acting in all branches and a teacher for 22 years in his schools, he talked about how he currently feels, after being in the soap opera my fortune is lovee by Nicandro Díaz and participate in four of the 12 episodes of the second season of losing the judgmentas one of the prosecutors:

“I feel happy, I have done things correctly. I have led a career consistent with what I have thought, with what I have done and always with the desire to do more interesting, more complex things. I feel comfortable with my age, I feel young, I feel like I have a lot to do and a lot to contribute to the race”.

This is how he answered in relation to figures such as Gloria Trevi starting a fight against age discrimination in people from any productive area in the country: “In Mexico, older people are not respected as they should be in many branches of activities and in all the senses. I think that anyone who has two fingers in front will know that wisdom is found in people who have more experience in life.

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“They are the older people, our old people, our elderly and those of us who are entering the period of the third age, the mature. I see it as a huge opportunity to continue learning. I would like there to be more support obviously for those with more experience, because if someone thinks they are older, they are disposable. I always approach them, as young people approach me”.

By the way, he deepened that his acting schools are already open with face-to-face classes; “Blessed be God and all the actors who want to be teachers, because they have the open doors of my schools to teach. We have 22 years proving that we have done it with great responsibility that it has been an effort that we are proud of because it has been worth it, we have delivered good actors to Mexico and it will continue to be so”.