Luis Fonsi breaks the silence about his divorce from Adamari

The singer shared his version, for the first time, about this chapter in his life in which he was left as the “villain”, according to public scrutiny.

Twelve years have passed since the Puerto Ricans, Luis Fonsi and Adamari López divorced. However, speculation and questions about their breakup continue to be subject to media scrutiny.

The couple made their separation official in 2010 and since then Fonsi had kept complete secrecy regarding that chapter of his life, until now.

The interpreter of “Despacito” spoke for the first time about his divorce in an interview that was conducted in Chile on the program “De tú a tú”.

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During the talk that Fonsi had with the presenter Martín Cárcamo, there was a moment when he questioned him about whether there was “something that hit you” and that was what gave way to talk about his divorce with Adamari López.

“Many people have gone through that… I don’t go into many details because it’s a very sensitive issue, but doing it publicly is twice as difficult because you have personal pain and having to show your face and ask when you don’t want to talk about that,” he claimed.

On how the process went, the 44-year-old singer said, “When you look back you say ‘this was a tough time.’ It was very hard and I suffered a lot, but thanks to that moment this happened to me”. He also added, “A divorce is obviously not fun at all for anyone.”

Despite his marital failure, Fonsi admitted that he rescued something positive. “That has hardened me, it has helped me mature, appreciate things and see life in a different light.”

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the villain

Divorce was never a topic that Adamari López avoided talking about. In fact, she was the first to expose the reasons why her marriage failed. Many of those arguments left a bad impression on Luis Fonsi.

In one of many statements, Adamari assured that it was he who asked for a divorce. After undergoing surgery for breast cancer, Ada said that the singer spoke to her and told her “that he no longer wanted her as a woman.”

“He was very important in my life, he was there at all times. I am infinitely grateful for that. But just as he gave me that enormous and unconditional support, he was also one of those who caused one of the greatest blows or pains that I had been able to feel at 41 years old, “confessed Ada.