Luis Fonsi talks about his divorce with Adamari López

MIAMI, UNITED STATES.- The singer Luis Fonsi He spoke like he rarely did about his divorce with the former actress and now presenter Adamari Lopez.

It was during an interview with Martin Cacamo for your program from you to you in which briefly the interpreter of “Slowly” he said that their separation in 2009 had been one of his most difficult moments.

And it is that the divorce between the couple caused controversy because they separated just when the Puerto Rican was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Fonsi, although he did not reveal intimate details of the process, stated: “A divorce is not fun for anyone.”

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He added: “I don’t go into much detail because it’s a very sensitive issue, but doing it publicly is twice as difficult because you have personal pain and having to show your face and be asked and you don’t want to talk about it.”

Although the singer has limited himself to talking about his separation, the one presented by Telemundo In her autobiography, she accused Fonsi of having psychologically abused her and left her alone in her battle against cancer.

This confession has been denied on several occasions by the singer and he stated that he prefers to maintain his privacy.

“Protecting the private side is difficult because many times you want to talk.” He also assured that over time he has learned to keep quiet more to protect himself.

In addition, at that time, Luis Fonsi also caused a stir since when he was in the process of divorce he met Agueda Lopezhis current wife.

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“I was starting to dare again, to go out and meet, at a very crazy moment in my life, where on the one hand I said: ‘don’t start falling in love again’ and on the other I said: ‘it’s just what I need. ´”.

He said that the first date with the model was in an apartment because at that time “I was at that stage in which the press followed me a lot for all my personal issues.”