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The magazine ‘Semana’ published images showing Luis Miguel Y dove caves together in a shopping center in Madrid on December 29. Both tried to go unnoticed by covering their faces, but were still recognized by some customers.

The magazine indicates that Paloma leaned on the singer’s shoulder in a gesture that implies closeness and complicity, definitively confirming the rumored relationship between the two.

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How did the rumors start?

At the end of July 2022, information came out that the Mexican singer was in Madrid, and they talked about a new girlfriend: the fashion designer Paloma Cuevas.

Both were seen having dinner in a hotel in the Spanish capital, but they justified the meeting by saying that it was a date with old friends.

While doubts remained in Europe, in Mexico they took a relationship between the two for granted, classifying them as ‘the couple of the year’.

These photographs of the couple allow us to confirm, as was suspected, that the two have been dating for several months. In recent days, they were seen in a restaurant in Madrid, and witnesses told the magazine that “It was a couple in love.”

A courtship in which family introductions are not necessary, since they have known each other since they were children. What’s more, Vitoriano Valencia, father of the fashion designer, was the one who introduced them.

Will there be a wedding?

There is even talk of a possible wedding. This is because Paloma traveled to Mexico last October where she participated in an event organized by the ‘Fundación Niños en Alegría’. That day, the Spanish woman wore a ring on the ring finger of her left hand, which fueled rumors of a possible marriage.

Mexican media indicated that the singer would have given the engagement ring to the fashion designer, hoping that she would say “Yes” this year. She even notices two ceremonies, both in Spain and in Mexico.


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