Luis Miguel and the gift that Santa Claus has never given him

The pages specialized in calculating the fortune of celebrities locate Luis Miguel with a net worth of 180 million dollars.

Throughout his career, the singer has had several moments of economic crisis, the most recent being five years ago when he canceled several concerts on a tour; However, until now he has managed to recover to maintain himself as one of the wealthiest Mexicans.

For this reason, it is striking that in 2003, during an interview for the Otro Rollo program with Adal Ramones, Luis Miguel spoke of the greatest Christmas wish he has had since he was a child and which unfortunately could not be fulfilled.

“To see my mother again,” Luis Miguel responded to the question that Ramones asked him about what he would ask Santa Claus for if he were seven years old and had to write him a letter for Christmas.

Luis Miguel’s mother, Marcela Basteri, was last seen in 1986 and has been missing since then. The singer has spent all the money possible on investigations to find out what has happened to her but so far there is no conclusive result, although the most solid version suggests that Luis Miguel came to have a DNA test on a body that corresponded with Marcela’s.

In that interview that took place in Canún, very close to Christmas, Ramones insisted that Luis Miguel remember a particularly important passage from what he lived with his mother, but the singer added:

“That would be the gift of my life… that would be that… that would help my soul, my mind, my work, my things, me as a person… that would be what I would ask for.”

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