Luis Miguel reappears better than ever on a luxurious yacht

More than a week ago, an important entertainment magazine published an interview with a presumed source close to ‘Sol de México’, who assured that Luis Miguel he was in dire financial straits despite the immense fortune he received from the profits from his autobiographical series on Netflix.

According to the publication, the famous singer born in Puerto Rico, opposes leading a simpler lifestyle and continues with living with excesses of alcohol, women and luxuries, which has put it between a rock and a hard place, since it has not generated income since the coronavirus pandemic began.

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However, what most worried the fans of El Sol was the alleged accident he suffered in a hotel in Los Angeles at the end of June last year, where he tripped and fell on his left arm, but due to the strong pain he They took him to the hospital and found that he had a fractured shoulder.

As if that were not enough, the alleged source close to Luis Miguel commented that the interpreter of ‘Será Que No Me Amas’ was about to lose his limb, since he refused to carry out the rehabilitation that his doctors had ordered and his arm began to gangrene.

It should be noted that hours after this information was released, businessman Carlos Bremer came out to deny everything that had been said about his close friend and assured that he had already covered each of the debts he had in the past.

To everyone’s surprise, recently the successful singer was seen in public from a luxurious yacht in Miami Florida, where he appeared looking healthy, slim and better than ever, modeling an outfit with his characteristic style, posing with sunglasses and his hands inside his pants.

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According to the journalist Inés Moreno, the images were taken last Saturday, January 15, while Luis Miguel was enjoying himself on his boat, in addition to mentioning that someone close to the artist mentioned that he is preparing a new record album.

“Last Saturday he was captured in Miami, apparently inside his yacht, perhaps letting himself be seen to deny that he is ruined and depressed, he looks thin and healthy, and according to a close source he is already preparing an album with songs by composer Carlos Macias,” wrote the communicator on her Instagram profile.

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