Luis Miguel’s strange request to his collaborators before his concerts

In addition to luxury items and other extravagances, the singer has a requirement that his employees must meet.

The world of entertainment is surrounded by myths and stories about artists, and many of these, although they may seem incredible, often turn out to be true, as is the case of the strange and luxurious requests of the stars before their presentations.

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Dozens of towels, giant aromatic candles, roses, sandwiches, sweets and water from specific brands are usually the most common requests from singers, as in the case of Luis Migueldespite the fact that he often does not even use the dressing room, according to an Infobae publication.

24 vanilla-scented candles, 84 small towels and 12 large towels, trays of cold meats and cheeses were part of what he ordered in El Salvador, according to Infobae. Photo / AFP.

Recently on Alex Larracilla’s YouTube channel, the young Ana Pau Villarin, who has worked in concerts with several international artists, was a guest and commented that one of the most difficult is precisely the so-called ‘The sun of Mexico’. “Luis Miguel, the truth is, I think that everyone knows, and even more so if they saw the series, he is not an easy artist,” Villarín assured.

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Although she cannot speak freely about the subject because she signed a confidentiality agreement, Ana Pau recounted some details such as Luis Miguel he is always late for concerts and that is why they are late, but the most shocking thing is that upon his arrival “nobody could be watching him because he didn’t like it, we all had to turn to the wall,” he assured. The young woman added that she never understood that request that she also found horrible.