Luis Pescetti fills Vive Latino with nostalgia

Shouting “Pescetti, Pescetti”, the audience at the Carpa VL welcomed Luis Pescetti, who brought together people of all ages. The show started with “Changos”, followed by “They came late for me” and “Papa monster”.

“Pepe, raise the audience,” he joked with his assistant to take away the pain of his audience, who once warmed up, sang, jumped and applauded to the rhythm of the music.

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Among the audience there were many little ones on the shoulders of their parents, including a child who was recognized by the singer, as he was wearing an El Chapulín Colorado suit. The older ones also had fun, and did not stop singing.

“You have to teach children, when there’s a solo you have to do it like that,” he said as he shook his head from side to side, and his guitarist, Felipe, played the chords of “Tete.”

The singer-songwriter took a moment to call for peace, and through a fragment of “Horse and Hero”, he emphatically expressed “No to war”.

Before closing his presentation, he invited the public to his autograph signing at the El Sótano bookstore tomorrow, and to his concert at the National Auditorium on October 16.

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For the last part of the concert, he made those present laugh, shout, and even mess up his companions, with the theme “If you really want to applaud”, and then he said goodbye with “The black vampire”.