Luis “Potro” Caballero broke the silence about his breakup with Michelle Vieth

Luis “Potro” Caballero broke the silence on the reasons that ended his relationship with Michelle Vieth Photo: Infobae/@luisacashore/@michellevieth

It was at the end of 2019 when the former reality show member Acapulco Shore, Luis Foal Caballero, and Michelle Vieth confirmed their courtship in front of the cameras; however, the relationship only lasted a few months.

Many unknowns revolved around the relationship and, on this occasion, during the premiere week of the second season of the house of the famous from Telemundo, louis knight delved, for the first time, about his relationship with the American nationalized Mexican actress.

It was in a tiktok on House of the Famous, where can you see “Foal” chat with his reality partner, the actor Edward Rodriguez, about what happened in the relationship that was damaged by Christian Aparicio, the ex-husband of Michelle Vieth, who, according to him, threatened him on more than one occasion.

Luis Caballero confessed that he received some threats from Michelle Vieth's ex-husband Photo: Tiktok
Luis Caballero confessed that he received some threats from Michelle Vieth’s ex-husband Photo: Tiktok

Her ex-husband also got out of control, ‘psycho’, he has her very threatened […] Also my peace of mind, first, because I was already thinking ‘they are going to kill me’, I changed cars because they threatened me, with the driver and so on, “said Luis Caballero with some nervous laughter.

He is also a Mexican actor I do not hesitate to accept that the difference in age also influenced the relationship and life experiences, because we must remember that Michelle Vieth is 42 years old and has four children, while he is about to turn 30 and is working to consolidate his artistic career.

“Completely another channel, it is another age, another responsibility, children. I’m not here yet to throw that package”, he clarified.

Michelle Vieth and 'El Potro' made their relationship official on the program 'Tu casa TV' Photo: Instagram/@TucasaTv
Michelle Vieth and ‘El Potro’ made their relationship official on the program ‘Tu casa TV’ Photo: Instagram/@TucasaTv

Even so, and despite the incidents that were experienced in the relationship, the ex AcaShore He acknowledged that he feels a remarkable affection and admiration for the Mexican actress who gave life to Fernanda Diez in the Televisa melodrama, my fortune is to love you.

“I like him incredible, but yes, he brings a background What am I saying, poor thing, she raffles, works, raises her children, but if the bad decisions of the guys he’s been with, poor. She hopefully and the way will be found, right now she has returned to the novels and I am very happy, she wanted to return, but her ex wouldn’t leave her, he had her in the trunk”, he finished Foal.

michelle vieth Y louis knight ‘The Colt’ they met when they were introduced as new hosts of the program your house tv from Aztec TV. The great friendship that had formed between these two characters became evident and Various entertainment media in Mexico began to suspect that there was a hidden romance between the two drivers.

Michelle Vieth in 2018 confessed her love for Luis Caballero Photo: Instagram/@viethmichelle
Michelle Vieth in 2018 confessed her love for Luis Caballero Photo: Instagram/@viethmichelle

It was until mid-October 2019 when the Mexican actress accepted before the Mexican press the breakup of her marriage with Christian Aparicio, although he refused to talk about the alleged infidelity.

“It is exhausting and draining, but it is the reality of all women who experience a separation: sometimes it goes well for you, sometimes it goes wrong, sometimes it will regulate you,” she told the evening program of Image Television, First hand.

However, she did not last long single and soon began an affair with Foal, since after a few weeks, his then production partner decided to declare himself in the middle of the live program with a serenade: “I fell in love, I am completely in love with you. And so that they are no longer saying things in magazines and everywhere, I ask you: Do you want to be my girlfriend? AcaShore.

Despite the great connection that they transmitted in the program of Aztec TV, the relationship ended in just under 3 months due to some problems that were unknown at the time.


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