Luisa Fernanda W is concerned after revealing that she is going through a difficult time

Through her Instagram account, the influencer Luisa Fernanda W expressed that she is in the midst of a difficult stage in her life. By being honest through the networks, This woman stated that she felt insecurities about her own body, which would be affecting her day to day life.

These statements caused his followers to start sending him messages of support, in addition to some others who claimed that this could be normal. It is to be remembered that the influencer She has been at the center of rumors, as some people claim that she could be pregnant; However, the also businesswoman has not confirmed that this is true.

There are also days when I don’t feel so pretty and I say to myself ‘you are spectacular’, for example I am going through this stage where insecurities enter me and it is not bad to be insecure from time to time, it is that the process of self-love is so hard, it’s a sheath that people believe that one always has to be the safest, but it’s not like that “, were the words of Luisa Fernanda in her stories, reiterating that her appearance is not what she would like, which would cause her self-confidence to decrease.

The content creator explained that the comments against her physical appearance would also be affecting her in the midst of her situation. “Many people think of one’s physique, or how one dresses, or how one wears this… no, how toxic, nobody knows the process one is going through and people think they have the right to talk about your physical, that seems horrible to me”, Luisa Fernanda affirmed, making a call not to judge others, since each one would be “fighting their own battles”.

It is to be remembered that days before the content creator had mentioned that she did not feel good about her appearance, in another story dynamic on Instagram. ApparentlyLuisa Fernanda would be sending a message to her followers, who despite carrying her insecurities, continues to appear on camera without makeup.

“I see you as different Luisa, you look low grade. Are you going through a difficult situation? God bless you”, was the question that the influencer answered in dynamic questions and answers of the social network. “I’m not going through a difficult situation, what’s more, I’m going through one of the best situations of my life, only I’m living in the moment, relaxed and not as exposed as before,” replied Luisa Fernanda.

However, in another story, he assured that his face was “full of pimples and that was the most difficult thing at this stage of her life.” The answers caused more intrigue among his followers and there are already those who assure that a new heir is coming to the family.

In recent days and also through her Instagram profile, the businesswoman also shared an extensive message with her followers. In addition, by way of reflection, she clarified at what time she considers it appropriate to announce a pregnancy.

“Today I woke up and started getting a little bit of messages like ‘Lu! Is it true or not that you are pregnant? Bill!'”mentioned the influencer at the beginning of his speech.

Likewise, he noted that even people he knows were asking him the same question in the face of rumors circulating on social networks. “I find it very nice that people want to find out if I am pregnant or not, and there are many people who are happy, perhaps others who are not,” said Luisa Fernanda W.