Luisa Fernanda W shared with her followers her experience visiting Girona

Luisa Fernanda W is one of the most recognized influencers and content generators in the world of Colombian show business.. Currently, the woman is in a relationship with the popular music singer Pipe Bueno, with whom she has two children.

The couple is traveling and through a mini vlog, the content creator shared with her followers what her experience was like visiting Girona, a Spanish city located in the north of Catalonia.

The video that Luisa shared on her personal Instagram account first shows the influencer eating in an elegant restaurant accompanied by her partner. In the middle of the video, the content creator clarified that one of her passions and more when she travels is eating and trying new flavors.

“I haven’t stopped eating, I don’t know about you, but when I go out for a walk I love to eat fit and I don’t think I’m going to gain weight, I don’t care.”

Luisa Fernanda W.
Luisa Fernanda W on a trip to Girona. – Photo: Instagram @luisafernandaw

Then he could be seen at the hotel where he was staying with Pipe getting ready to start a new day to visit emblematic places in the city. Starting with one of the King’s Landing palace sets that they used to record the series. Game of Thrones.

In the middle of his visit, the popular music singer made a joke to Luisa, remembering a scene from the series, where a sentence is carried out, Pipe tells the content generator that he was going to sentence her to be with he and she replied that she liked that sentence quite a bit.

Later, in the clip, the influencer showed some Arab baths and the architecture of what used to be a kind of spa for men, where they went to relax. Later, she was visiting the Plaza de la Independencia, the place where Luisa ran into two of her fans.

Later, the couple moved to the hotel where they shared with La Liga in order to create some content for social networks. When night came they went out for a little walk, The influencer couldn’t believe her nose was red from the cold it was doing in the city.

Pipe Bueno and Luisa Fernanda W.
Pipe Bueno and Luisa Fernanda W on a trip through Spain. – Photo: Instagram @pipebueno

After finishing her walk, Luisa showed herself eating again, reiterating how much she likes this dynamic when she travels. Her followers did not hesitate to praise her journey and ask her to do this type of content more often.

“Luisa eats and eats, how delicious”, “both are divine”, “I love it haha”, “Everything looks like a dream. How beautiful to see you enjoy and of course with those places, that food and the company”, “what a delight everything, what a beautiful tour, thank you my beautiful Lu, for sharing a little of your trip with us”, “too beautiful”, “beautiful Lu ”, “I am also just as big a eater”, “please Lu, more of this, they wrote to him.

Luisa Fernanda W confesses: this happens with Pipe Bueno when they take photos

Luisa Fernanda W and her husband Pipe Bueno have shown their relationship and their life openly on their respective social media profiles. There they not only show beautiful and fun moments that they have, but also some unprecedented experiences such as the moments before the birth of the paisa and some situations in which the two of them are like oil and water.

The latter was what the businesswoman and singer confessed in her Instagram stories. As they walked through the streets of Girona, Luisa recorded herself on her Instagram stories talking about how she and her husband react when a fan or paparazzi points a camera or cell phone at themleaving them stunned and dumbstruck not knowing how to behave.

Pipe and Luisa are very accomplices and collaborate in any adventure.  Photo: Instagram @luisafernandaw.
Pipe and Luisa are very accomplices and collaborate in any adventure. Photo: Instagram @luisafernandaw. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @luisafernandaw.

“I don’t know if it happens to you. Love, I was thinking here that the two of us, when they put a camera on us, we are both so uncoordinated, that is, It’s like they put that camera on and we get distorted all at once, but when they turn off the camera… It’s like we coordinated a lot”, confessed Luisa hugging Pipe.

As soon as he heard that Luisa mentioned what they do behind the scenes, he showed a mischievous and malicious face, making it clear that their intimate moments are fiery and sensual.