Luisa Fernanda W told details of her meeting with Madonna and revealed what she smells like

Madonna, considered one of the most important artists in the history of music, was the great surprise that Maluma’s concert had last weekend in Medellín, which was a complete success.

The American shared a video on social networks of her experience in the capital of Antioquia during the days prior to the Show and dedicated a message to the city of eternal spring. “I love you, Medellin”, wrote.

Through Instagram stories, Luisa Fernanda W enabled the question box this week to interact with her followers, who asked her to tell details about her meeting with the American.

The Colombian influencer did not hesitate to respond to these concerns and confessed that she was one of the guests at the renowned singer’s private party, which took place after the concert.

“It’s not every day that you get to meet the queen of pop. Maluma wrote to Pipe [Bueno] and told him that they were going to go to his house to auction off, but he pointed out that only the two of us could go”, initially stated.

Then he added: “The first thing Juan Luis did was introduce us to Madonna. I was able to see her up close and she seemed to me that she has beautiful eyes. I imagine that when she was very young that face was on another level. Super cute, it was very cordial.”

A follower, in the same way, took advantage of the dynamic and asked the content creator a curious question, since he asked her what the aroma of the American artist was like.

“What did Madonna smell like? In fact, I told him it smelled delicious. She smells like a very millionaire woman. A smell of millions of pesos. That’s how it smells”, concluded Luisa Fernanda W, who pointed out that they were not allowed to take photos for security reasons.

It should be remembered that Maluma is one of Pibe Bueno’s best friends and the influencer from Antioquia. He is even the godfather of little Máximo (son of the couple).

On the other hand, the friendship between Maluma and Madonna began after the Colombian’s presentation at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, and rumors that they were preparing something for the Show at the Atanasio Girardot They met a few days ago. However, the presence of the American was only confirmed until the day of the concert.

The event was quite notorious around the world. In addition, Maluma achieved his goal of “place Medellín on the map”, so much so that the city was described as a place of peace, love, progress and culture.

Great personalities of the stature of Jimmy Fallon and JLo also applauded the Show in which the singer from Antioquia used different genres such as pop, salsa, and reggaeton. Likewise, he interpreted the song ´Acá entre nos´ by the late, but great exponent of the ranchera, Vicente Fernández.