Luisito Comunica confesses that he buys more seats at the cinema so that he is not disturbed

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- the youtuber Luisito Communicateswho lent his voice to the film ‘Sonic 2‘, is in full promotion, so in a recent interview he confessed a peculiarity of his when he went to the movies.

It was for a radio program that the famous Mexican confessed that he usually buys more seats than he requires in order not to be disturbed during the movie, because apparently it bothers him when they are chewing, laughing or talking very loudly in the cinema.

“I am going to make a confession that does not make me proud: I have a very bad habit, what an eye, it only affects when they are highly valued films, when not, I think it even benefits everyone, but the truth … suppose I go with someone , but I don’t buy two seats, I buy four or even six”, he detailed.

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He also added that he enjoys more the rooms like the art ones, which are usually empty or with few people, however, he always buys more tickets for any inconvenience from the other spectators.

“The worst of all is that after I do what I don’t like them to do, me and my girlfriend in the cinema are at the maximum güiris, which says a lot about my hypocrisy,” he concluded.

Luisito Communicateswhose real name is Luis Arturo Villar Sudek30, is a famous Mexican youtuber and businessman, who often travels to different parts of the world and records content of his experience for his YouTube channel, where he has more than 38 million subscribers.

Recently, he was in Honduras, where he highlighted its gastronomy, its people and landscapes.

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