Luli Pampín debuts in Mexico; “I want to touch the hearts of children”

Turned into the children’s phenomenon of the moment, Luli Pampín, Argentine singer and influencer, arrives in Mexico for the first time and will offer three shows in our country as part of her Latin American tour. It will be this April 21 when she performs at the Morelos Theater, in Toluca; on April 23 she will do the same at the Puebla Metropolitan Auditorium and on April 24 at the Pepsi Center WTC in Mexico City.

“I did not know Mexico, I had not had the pleasure of coming on vacation, or anything because I spent many years in Spain. Now I meet very warm people, very helpful, very nice. In addition, I have been surprised by the spontaneity of the people, the greenness of the city, I am a nature lover, I feel in a paradise, picking flowers and admiring all the landscapes”.

This is how the artist describes her approach to the land of mariachi and tacos. Luli, whose real name is Lucía, describes her show as a magical world with various characters that encourage the imagination through music and dance.

Her idea of ​​singing to the little ones in the house came about thanks to her son: “When I became a mother everything turned around in my life, I felt different, I wanted to be with him, by his side, but the job I had in that I wasn’t allowed at the moment. Then I realized that it was time to make a change. I was singing at the conservatory for 10 years and I always liked everything that involves art. In this way I encouraged myself, because at first I was a bit embarrassed, I had to teach my son not to be afraid and to move forward”.

The interpreter, from the hotel where she is staying, confesses that she does not see herself singing for another type of audience, because she loves the children’s genre and wants to stay there. Her videos on YouTube have allowed her an immediate rapprochement with the children who sing her songs, composed by herself, inspired by the experiences she lives with her seven-year-old son.

“He gets a little jealous because he has to share me with other children, but at the same time he is happy with everything we are achieving.” Luli is honest and admits that on the street, when she does not have the wig and costume of her character, her followers do not recognize her; she also reveals that she has been surprised by everything that happens with her career, that she took off through internet platforms. Her goal is “to continue reaching all the children of the world, being by her side with music, teaching, instilling and touching hearts.”

“Each child has a story that moves me, every little one who approaches me and melts for me excites me a lot, but there are some with autism, with Asperger who have learned to speak with my videos, that is impressive and it is my greatest satisfaction”, concluded the singer who studied dance, pastry and painting, rising to fame thanks to her brother Sebastián, who taught her to edit on the computer to create her successful character.