Luna Schweiger: “I could imagine a political career”

Luna Schweiger (25) is not only a talented actress who was already in front of the camera at the age of ten, she now also has her university degree in economics. A few days ago, Mama Dana Schweiger posted how proud she was of daughter Luna.

But the daughter of Til Schweiger (58) is far from the end of her educational journey. In an interview with “Bild” she now reveals what her plans are for the future. “I am currently considering doing a master’s degree in political science because I am very appalled by the German political situation. Accordingly, I could also imagine a political career at some point,” says Luna.

Dana Schweiger: “Luna gave 110 percent performance”

But politics is not Luna’s only future option. “I will continue to do acting. I could also imagine becoming self-employed in equestrian sports,” says Emma Schweiger’s big sister (19).

In an interview with “Bild”, 54-year-old Dana emphasizes that she always stands behind her daughter, no matter which path she chooses. She is already incredibly proud: “She asserted herself against all resistance, went through her studies despite the corona pandemic without having a normal everyday university life. Luna gave 110 percent performance and in the end passed her studies with distinction. On I am very proud of their willpower.”

As a graduation gift, which Luna graduated with honors, Dana had a gold bracelet that said “Sky the limit” so her eldest daughter would never forget “that she can achieve anything she desires.”