Luva is sung Enchulao | shows

Upon his return from Colombia, the Puerto Rican salsero Luva returns to the local stages, with the premiere of his urban salsa Enchulao, today, at 7:00 pm, in the T-Mobile District of San Juan.

In addition, Enchulao will include a medley of hits by Marc Anthony, as part of the offer.

The public will also be able to enjoy other salsa songs such as Let’s give ourselves time, Leave me, It’s your look, I want to return, Too late, A kiss from your mouth, Free and Addicted to you.

The Enchulao theme was recorded entirely in Medellin, Colombia, with composition and arrangements by Eliot Feliciano, known as The Wizard of Oz. The cut has a video in support, which already exceeds one million ‘views’.

“I’m from Toa Baja and I’ve been singing since I was 13 years old with the group Euforia with five boys dancing and playing ballads. The first time I played salsa was when I was 20 (years old) with the group Fuera de Liga. The Dominican singer Bonny Cepeda gave me ‘coaching’ with my great song Lie to me; and then I worked as a chorister for Olga Tanón for five years, when she directed her orchestra Ceferino Cabán ”, he summarized about the interpreter about her beginnings.

Later, “I started with a tribute to Marc Anthony in 2014 when I presented my first single Let’s give ourselves time, which José José popularized,” said Luis Valentín Sierra Santiago, popularly known as Luva, named after Tañón.

Luva aspires to broaden her audience, fusing her salsa with new sounds.

“I would like salsa to continue to be heard all over the world. We were born and live for this!” she reiterated.

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