“Luz de Luna 2” premieres in May: When will it be released and who will be the new characters? When is the premiere? Michelle Alexander RMMN EMCC | PEOPLE

“Luz de Luna 2″ prepares its return to the small screen. A few days ago, América Televisión presented the first preview of the second season of the national production starring André Silva.

When are you coming back to TV?

In the advance you can see León de la Cumbia (André Silva) at a wedding. Everything was going well, until Don Ciro (Alfonso Santistevan) approaches him and, apparently, informs him about some bad news, because the protagonist runs away. Someone can also be seen loading a gun and shooting.

Everything seems to indicate that León will not stop suffering in the second season, because in the final scene he appears crying on the seashore while singing a melancholy song.

In addition, it was confirmed that the premiere will be in May; however, the exact date is unknown at this time.

Who are the new characters?

As seen in the same preview, the second season of “Moonlight” will have new characters who will be played by Mayella Lloclla and Laly Goyzueta,

Through his social networks, Lloclla spoke about his entry into the series produced by Michelle Alexander. “Ayayyaay and yes we meet again, I return to TV in the production that conquered the whole of Peru! In May! ‘Luz de Luna 2′ arrives by @americatelevision”, wrote in a post that is accompanied by the advance of the novel.

However, the talented actress did not provide more details regarding the character that she will develop in the telenovela that managed to conquer viewers in 2021.

What is “Moonlight” about?

“Luz de Luna”, a soap opera by Del Barrio Producciones, stars André Silva and Venezuelan Vanessa Silva. The story revolves around León (Silva), a cumbia singer who manages to make himself known. In the midst of his rise he meets Luna Mujica (Vanessa), who becomes his inspiration for his themes.

The protagonists will begin a love story in which they must fight against prejudice due to the difference in social classes.


Interview with the protagonists of the new musical novel “Luz de Luna”

Interview with the protagonists of the new musical novel "Moonlight"
The protagonists of “Luz de luna”, the new telenovela from América TV, tell us a little about the series, the characters and how music can be a fundamental factor in telling a story. (Source: America TV)