Luz Elena González had larvae and came to think she had cancer | Famous

Luz Elena González revealed that due to the battle her body had against the larvae that infested it last year, she came to think that she had cancer.

It was on March 23, 2021 when the actress of Mi Fortuna Es Amarte announced that she contracted the cutaneous larva migrans disease, which caused symptoms such as “swelling of the skin and headache”, as a result of having eaten raw fish.

“Unfortunately, the last time I ate raw fish I had larvae migrans, some little worms that walk on your skin, and it was a long time before the doctors managed to find what I had,” González explained to TVNotas.

Luz Elena also said that she had an unpleasant moment when she was facing the disease: “One of the days of recording, I was in the makeup area when suddenly I saw my cheek with inflammation… suddenly, I saw a larva walking across the cheek and I started to hyperventilate, I got very sick, it was a disgusting shock and I passed out.

This condition is a “zoonotic infection” that results “in a skin condition”, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the Mayo Clinic, the larvae ” are able to penetrate through the skin from the patient and migrate to the blood vessels.

The television presenter was able to fight it thanks to the fact that she took the treatment indicated by the doctor: all the larvae and eggs that infested her died and her body was finally “clean”.

Why did Luz Elena González think she had cancer?

In a new interview with the Mexican media, published on June 16, Luz Elena González revealed the reason why suffering from cutaneous larva migrans led her to believe that she had cancer.

“The truth is that yes, several things came together, because in March 2021 I was infested with larvae from eating raw fish and some lymph nodes calcified. I freaked out because I felt lump in one breast and I was afraid it was cancer,” she said.

The 47-year-old actress said that after noticing the “balls”, she went to the gynecologist, who carried out various studies to discover if they were cancerous tumors or something else.

“It was something strong, I was very worried; thank God they did a biopsy and they were not tumors, ”she asserted.

The doctor explained to González that the “little balls were calcifications that were generated because the body defended itself against the parasites” that infested its skin.

Luz Elena González suffers the consequences of covid-19

In addition to the effects on her health due to the larvae, Luz Elena González also suffered from the consequences caused by the covid-19 that she contracted in December 2020.

“Thank God we are cured, but three months after getting rid of that disease, I began to have changes in my body,” he also commented to the publication.

González detailed: “At the beginning I gained weight, I swelled a lot and I had tingling in my hands. The virus affected my nervous system and I had anxiety attacks, a lot of tiredness and depression; It was so much inconvenience that I had some clinical tests”.

According to the doctors she consulted, the actress, who has also had episodes of memory loss, has “prolonged covid”, so she takes vitamins and Omega 3 and 6 to recover.