Luz Elena González’s son has covid-19 for the second time | Famous

Light Elena Gonzalez She has always been very open about her health. his son James, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, a cognitive disability. Now, the actress shared that the young man from 14 years old has covid-19 for the second time.

The former beauty queen recounted the extreme measures her family is taking to avoid getting infected, she even confessed that she does not kiss her husband.

my son has covid, it is already in the last days. He went to a doctor’s appointment and got infected, we think it was in the hospital, we don’t have the slightest idea, so that’s why we also have extreme measures,” he told the press, journalist Edén Dorantes reported.

is isolated literal, poor thing like in ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and well, he’s doing his things alone, so it’s been a compulsory experience of being alone doing your things“, he said regarding his cognitive disability, because despite the fact that he is 14 years old, his mind is that of a 5-year-old child.

The actress of ‘My fortune is loving you’ believes that thanks to the fact that Santiago has the two vaccines he had a very mild picture: “Only a flu that obviously confuses you […] He has two vaccines, I think it also has a lot to do with it.”

Luz Elena suffered the first time from her son’s contagion

“The first time he gave her yes, it was much stronger, there were no vaccines and yes, they were very difficult 15 days, I was very scared because the temperature did not drop for eight days, it was a constant anguish […] Right now the pediatrician has him super well controlled, he’s already on his way out but very well, thank God.”


Luz Elena confessed that the four members of her family do not remove their face masks at any time at home, they also eat in separate rooms to avoid any contagion.

We do not take off the mask at home Nobody, we all eat separately, my daughter in her room, my son in his room, I in my room and we leave my husband in the dining room because there is no TV there, the truth is that the contagion is so strong that we do take extreme precautions.

In addition to taking care of her family, the actress is very cautious because she is currently recording the telenovela ‘Mi fortuna es amarte’.

No intimacy with her husband

“We watch TV with face masks together, until we fell asleep and we said goodnight goodbye and we don’t talk anymore, we took off the face mask and fell asleep.”

He added that they have no intimacy, they don’t even kiss: ” (Total abstinence), no spoonThe reunion is going to be good,” he said with a laugh. “The truth is that we are taking great care of ourselves,” he told the media.

Luz Elena and her husband have all three vaccines, while their children Santiago and Majo only have two.