Lying in the sea Sofía Jamora poses as a mermaid with a string chikini

Once again, Sofía Jamora surprised her fervent admirers with a daring photo session that she shared on her Instagram profile, where she was encouraged to show her flirtatious side by posing lying in the sea like a little mermaid while wearing a string chikini that didn’t cover enough.

After staying a bit away from social networks this last week, the famous American model decided to poke her fans with a gallery of postcards taken during her visit to the British Virgin Islands, where she did not resist teach more than necessary.

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With her most recent publication through her personal account on the Instagram social network, Sofía Jamora took the opportunity to flaunt her worked anatomy with a tiny swimsuit that allowed her perfect tan to be admired without problems and much more thanks to the spicy poses that showed lying in the sea like a little mermaid

Showing off her best angle in front of the camera lens, the 25-year-old successful influencer unleashed a heat wave by showing off her curves with a string bikini in blue that dazzled thousands of his fans, because he did not mind leaving everything round on the air.

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“Here is my Christmas card”, was the message that the beautiful young woman born in California wrote in the description of her publication, with which she soon captured the attention of thousands of Internet users, who did not hesitate to leave their little red hearts on the postcards that have already added more than 95 thousand reactions of likes.

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