Lyn May confesses that she was interested in ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- the famous showgirl Lyn May He confessed that he was always interested in Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, but assured that a famous actress “earned it”.

She said that it was a few years ago when she visited one of the drug trafficker’s luxurious properties.

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“Yes, they have hired me and I have worked for them too and many times, well, I work, get paid and leave, and they treat me very well and I have also had drug traffickers in love, but I liked “El Chapo”, but he won me over Kate (Del Castillo). I did meet him, one day I went to work at a place he had, which were almost the golden chairs, everything was an incredible thing, in Sinaloa, ”the famous recalled in an interview for the First-hand program.

He remembered that everything was very nice. “Everything is very cool, I was happy, but they didn’t let anyone get close, I sang to him and everything, but they beat me, you see,” he assured.

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Celebrities and the narco

In relation to the celebrities who have been identified as having links to drug trafficking, the dancer decided to send them a message.

“I think that if they lived, they were lovers or wives, the fact is that they have nothing to do with it, you will not know what your husband does, no, I say that if they did, then that’s good because right now they are millionaires They no longer have to work or anything. That it doesn’t affect them, that they talk to their children well, that they say ‘that’s in the past’, and these people (the drug traffickers) even died, not even the ashes remain, as the song says. If there is wool, let them enter it, what does it have, money is money”, he stressed.

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