M. Pokora and Christina Milian: Tenderness, selfies and explosion of joy in the colors of France!

Their lives are divided between several countries, but it is in France that they have just had a good time. On September 22, 2022, the whole country was screwed in front of its television screen … except for those who were directly present in the stands of the Stade de France, in Saint-Denis. On the 5th and penultimate day of the Nations League, our team faced the Austrian players and won, 2 goals against 0, in front of a cheering crowd. To applaud Kylian Mbappé, Olivier Giroux and the rest of the tricolor team, Mr. Pokora and his wife Christina Milian were obviously faithful to the position.

Of course, an evening in the stands does not take place only in screams and sweat. To pass time, M Pokora and Christina Milian shared a few sweet moments and also took selfies, scarves in the colors of the France team around their necks, to keep a memory of this exceptional moment. Only black point in the story, Violet, the daughter-in-law of Mr. Pokora, could not join the small troop. She, who lives in the United States, was entitled to a phone call from her mother, as we can see on social networks. “My heart, my everything“, writes Christina, madly missing her child.

It’s the calm before the storm for Mr. Pokora. After having breathed a little in the stands of the Stade de France, the dad of Isaiah and Kenna – 2 and 1 years old will resume service. First with the release of his new album Epicenter, whose pre-order starts on Monday September 26, 2022. Then with the resumption of the 20th anniversary tour… since he started his career, with the Linkup, in 2003. His adventure therefore continues on September 29 at the Zénith de Nantes, on October 1 at the Zénith de Caen and will end gently on December 12 at the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon, unless new dates are added in the meantime. This probably explains why Mr. Pokora is currently in France, far, so far from his adoptive America …

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