M6’s cult French series launched in 2001 returns to television on January 24

In 2001, M6 launched the series without certainty Cafe Camera which offered viewers of the then “small up-and-coming channel” the office life of a company through discussions of different employees in front of the… coffee machine. The idea seduced the audience and the adventure was to last three years, the final episode being broadcast at the end of 2004. For 570 episodes of 3 to 6 minutes, programmed at the start of the evening on M6 then on the other channels in the group (W9, Paris Premiere), the characters Hervé Dumont and Jean-Claude Convenant will take you behind the scenes of a provincial society in which viewers will obviously find themselves. Bruno Solo and Yvan Le Bolloch hold the two main roles, surrounded by many other talents to make Cafe Camera a safe bet for television. We can thus cite the actors Armelle, Alexandre Pesle, Gérard Chaillou or Alain Bouzigues who offer quite tasty supporting roles.

In 2010, M6 put the cover back with Cafe Camera 2 but the audiences do not take off and everything stops after three months. Movie entries The seminar in 2009 should have alerted the decision makers of the sixth channel: less than 500,000 admissions. This figure is a bad surprise since the first spin-off film from Caméra Café, Relaxation areabrought together more than 1.7 million spectators in theaters in 2004. It is on its good figures that M6 to attract viewers on Tuesday, January 24 at 9:10 p.m. on his channel. A 90-minute fiction will be broadcast as follows: Café camera, twenty years already. It brings together the leading protagonists of the series – Bruno Solo and Yvan Le Bolloch in the roles of Hervé Dumont and Jean-Claude Convenant therefore – who have become failures but will still try a last blow during the starting pot of one of the two. Part of the original cast will be there: Gérard Chaillou, Armelle, Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Éric Antoine, Shirley Bousquet…

If we are very happy with the return of Cafe Camera on M6hopefully it’s not as troublesome as the return of the Unknowns on TF1

Source- https://www.gqmagazine.fr/pop-culture/article/camera-cafe-serie-francaise-culte-de-m6-lancee-en-2001-revient-a-la-television-le-24-janvier