“Mac Lesggy defends the far right” the host of M6 in turmoil after a tweet against Sandrine Rousseau!

Always remained silent in relation to his political convictions, Mac Lesggy had wanted to respond to a tweet posted by Sandrine Rousseau on the social network at the blue bird. The deputy indeed addressed a scathing tackle to the Far Right whose origins she had revealed. According to her, this party was created by admirers of German and Italian fascism. People in favor of the colonization of Algeria. On the other hand, the left which positioned itself in favor of the independence of Algeria, of the anti-nuke and environmentalist struggles. A point of view that the famous host of M6 does not seem to share and he made it known through a tweet which did not fail to react on the social network.

Mac Lesggy is controversial

Politics is a complicated subject that divides society. That anonymous people express their ideals, it still passes. It is when it affects public figures that things get complicated. We remember in particular this time when Delphine Wespiser had been the subject of a layoff in Touche pas à mon poste after she publicly showed her support for Marine Le Pen during the 2022 presidential elections. many viewers had a lot of trouble digesting. The former Miss France then defended herself by proclaiming out loud the real definition of the word “Democracy”.

All the personalities who had displayed their support for the Far Right in public have so far been the subject of real popular condemnation. This is precisely the case of Mac Lesggy who responded to Sandrine Rousseau’s tweet. He had indeed joked about the fact that the MP had not missed any of her history lessons. He even went so far as to congratulate the teachers that the latter was able to have throughout her schooling and this, until the baccalaureate. Particularly simple words that had been enough to attract the wrath of Internet users.

The host is not really unanimous

Mac Lesggy thus responds to Sandrine Rousseau that in history, there were the good guys who were the good guys and the bad guys who were the bad guys. All this before thanking her ironically for the reminder that she would have, according to him, done with finesse.

The situation is visibly tense between the two personalities and Internet users seem to have decided on the camp for which they will take sides. One of them had even gone so far as to regret every moment he had watched with passion E=M6.

Mac Lesggy accused of defending the far right

It must be believed that fans of Mac Lesggy were very far from thinking that he was going to defend the Far Right in this way. This explains the manifest indignation which had resulted from his tweet addressed to Sandrine Rousseau. It must be believed that the star host of M6 was until then focused on the progress of his career. Politics having imported it very little. This father of three children therefore brought his point of view this time and it did not really bring him luck. The proof, the Net surfers who began to ironize in their turn on the fact that he participated in the realization of an advertisement for toothpastes. The principal concerned has not yet responded to this huge controversy in which he has been immersed. No doubt he’s waiting for the case to settle on its own.

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