Macarena Achaga stars in a series based on the novel by Vargas Llosa – El Sol de México

She goes against the current, regardless of the opinion of others, she is not conformist and at every moment she explores her adventurous side; she is like that lilyfor many, known as “the bad girl”, for not abiding by the behavior that a young lady should have, as stipulated by past generations.

This girl, who gradually becomes a woman, always maintains a vision of struggle, of defense of her rights, she even inspires those who find themselves trapped in the day-to-day routine, as it is Richarda highly predictable man, “the good boy” of this story.

16 years after the publication of the novel, ViX+ opted to develop an original story by Mario Vargas Llosa entitled bad girl antics in which he portrays the lives of two characters that intertwine over the course of 40 years.

“This series portrays a human being, a woman who moves through different historical moments. She teaches us that it is really important to understand that the female figure and the scope that she can have have to be equitable, equanimous for everyone.

“They are going to find an interesting character, he has dreams, passions, very human feelings and the responsibility is how we direct them and what direction we give them. The audience will find a satisfying character that supports the message of having a better development among all as brothers, men and women, “said the director of the series Pavel Vázquez in an interview.

The story is starring Juan Pablo Di Pace and Macarena Achaga; She said she identified with the personality of lilywho later acquires different names, among them arlette.

“I felt a little scared at first because it is a great challenge to work with a character that is in people’s imagination and I really left with a very pleasant taste in my mouth, with many lessons. Oneself has to trust his work, it was a bit like closing your eyes and trusting that there is a writer, a director and a team behind that makes everything shine.

“Regarding ‘the bad girl’, I think that visually it’s like she’s made a tower of cards and the girl grabs the top card that the tower is holding and collapses, so she starts building everything again and it seems like an act to me. of immense courage because how many times do we not want to change the life we ​​have, change something that we do not like or that does not work, be it a relationship, a friendship, a contact with your family, work and we do not dare to do so. It will generate a lot of debate,” said the 30-year-old actress.

The native of Mar de Plata, Argentina regretted that the problems her character faces are very similar to those that many women have today.

“It gives me a bit of anguish to see that the problems that women faced in the 1960s still exist, for example, discrimination, the issue of the jobs they can have, the salaries they have doing the same jobs as men , today they continue to be part of a struggle every day and I say this as a woman, not as a feminist.

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“It saddens me that we continue to have some struggles, I think they should be resolved, before now it is time for them to remain in the past, but on the other hand, I am excited to tell the story of a woman who was so ahead of her time and had a a totally different perspective on life from the conventional, that’s what I identify with, many times I see life in a non-traditional way and at some point they told me ‘you’re crazy’ and now it doesn’t seem crazy to me anymore, it’s nice to have the chance to tell the story of a character who had those experiences”, he assured.

The recordings were carried out between Paris, London and Mexico, some indoor scenarios were recreated in the capital pretending to be Peru or Tokyo.

Bad Girl Mischief is also directed by Alejandro Bazzano and is available on the ViX+ platform.