Machine Gun Kelly: On Depression and Substance Abuse

The Hulu documentary “Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink” tells about the life and career of US musician Machine Gun Kelly (32). Among other things, it is about a dark night in July 2020, shortly after his father died. The tragic loss caused Colson Baker – his birth name – to slide deeper into depression and substance abuse.

“I wanted mine [Hotel-]”I didn’t leave the room anymore,” he says in a clip from the film that “Entertainment Tonight” shows. “I started to get really, really, really dark,” the musician continued. that his girlfriend, US actress Megan Fox (36), wasn’t with him.”Megan went to Bulgaria to shoot a movie and I got this really wild paranoia. I was getting more and more paranoid that someone was going to come and kill me,” MGK said. During that time, he slept next to his bed with a shotgun.

Call with a shotgun to the head

During a phone call, the situation escalated almost completely. “I called Megan. I said, ‘You’re not here for me.’ I was in my room freaking out in front of her,” MGK describes the moment. “Dude, I put the gun in my mouth.” He screamed on the phone and had the barrel in his mouth. But when he tried to pull the trigger, the ammunition jammed. Megan was dead quiet.

In the film, the US star explains that this moment made him realize he needed to end his substance abuse, both for Fox and for his daughter Casie (b. 2009). “I was like, ‘This time I really need to get off drugs,'” he says, although the film doesn’t mention whether he was on drugs during the incident, according to Entertainment Newsmagazine.

After that night, MGK explains further, Fox became “the sun” for him. The passion between the two of them is “simply unearthly”.

In June 2020 it was announced that Machine Gun Kelly and mother of three Megan Fox are a couple. They have been engaged since early 2022.

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