Macklowe Art Collection Becomes Most Expensive Ever Sold by Auction

NEW YORK, USA.-the famous collection macklowe, Subject to a bitter divorce battle between a New York real estate developer and his ex-wife, it became the most expensive art collection ever sold on Monday.

Sotheby’s auction house sold its second bid for works from the collection worth $246.1 million, bringing the total value of the group of paintings to $922.2 million, a spokesman told AFP.

The sum exceeds the $835.1 million fetched in 2018 by the Rockefeller collection, the most expensive private collection ever sold at auction.

Among the highlights of the Monday night sale were artist Mark Rothko’s work “Untitled” which fetched $48 million and Gerhard Richter’s work called “Seestück” which fetched $30.2 million.

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Andy Warhol’s “Self Portrait” reached 18.7 million, while Willem de Kooning’s “Untitled” reached 17.8 million.

Sotheby’s won the rights to sell the works from the Macklowe collection in September. It sold a total of 35 art pieces in November for a total of $676.1 million before Monday’s sale of another 30 works.

Sotheby’s described the set of paintings as “the most significant collection of modern and contemporary art to ever appear on the market.”

During divorce proceedings, billionaire Harry Macklowe and his ex-wife Linda had been unable to agree on the value of the vast collection.

A New York judge ruled in 2018 that they must sell all 65 jobs and split the profits.