Madonna “drunk” and embarrassing: this Instagram video that shocked her fans

Once is not custom, Madonna does not have unanimity on Instagram. After the publication of one of her videos, the singer was accused of advertising drugs.

The queen of provocation has struck again! As she has been doing on her Instagram account for months, Madonna posted a video that left no one indifferent. This Saturday, March 19, Internet users discovered amazing images: the singer, who seemed drunk, promoting the remix of her hit Frozen. “Hi…this is Madonna. The mother of Jesus”, she said, clad head to toe in leather, a crucifix chain around her neck. On camera, Madonna took several sips of what appeared to be wine. “I am drunk”she then launched before pretending to snort drugs. And in the comments, his fans can’t agree. Between those who enjoy seeing Madonna still so provocative and those who are shocked, war has been declared!

“I love you so much. I’m crying with laughter”wrote Rita Ora. “You are literally perfect”, “She is the number one in my heart”can we also read in the comments of this publication. But many Internet users were outraged by this video in which they accuse Madonna of advertising addictions. “I’ve always liked Madonna to be an independent, strong and inspiring person, but this video takes it too far, even for her. regretted a subscriber. Endorsing alcohol and drugs in a social media as powerful as Instagram is not acceptable!” Same story with another Madonna fan: “I’ve been a fan for 40 years. I don’t find the cocaine reference funny. I don’t find it provocative.

Madonna: she responds to her detractors

For Madonna, it’s a new misstep. For some time, in fact, the singer has been violently criticized on social networks, where Internet users accuse her of using too many filters to change her face. “What’s going on with your face? Is it a mask or is it real? Absolutely disgusting…”, “I guess the elbows are the only part of her that hasn’t been stuffed with plastic!”, “Please stop the cosmetic surgery!”“It’s sad that a self-proclaimed feminist has to retouch her face to pretend to be 20 years old”, can we read under its various publications. But true to herself, the 63-year-old singer does not seem to listen to gossip!


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