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In a new video shared on your account TikTokthe singer and music star, madonna, hinted to his millions of followers that he is gay. So far, the artist has not spoken about it in her social networks, but the video turned viral and fueled the speculations about his sexuality.

The “Queen of Pop” replied to a game of the aforementioned social network, where she tried to throw her underwear in the trash, while reading a message that says: “If I fail, I am gay”.

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Immediately afterwards, the 64-year-old singer throws the garment into a boat, failing. She then raises her hands in acceptance and walks away from the camera.

The simple video does not give more details regarding the alleged statement, but it did generate a stir on social networks, where most fans applauded the fact that the singer “came out of the closet”.

@madonna ♬ original sound – nudy georges

“Did I just witness Madonna coming to terms with her true sexual orientation? Good for her!”wrote a fan, while others took the opportunity to compare her to Marilyn Manson, for her hair dyed pink and her look with bleached eyebrows.

The video comes shortly after Madonna was seen kissing Dominican rapper Tokischa while the two were sitting ringside during New York Fashion Week. Several weeks earlier they were also caught kissing during an LGBTQ+ Pride event.


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