Madonna, Tom Cruise, John Travolta… These stars who joined a cult (PHOTOS)

Many sects abound in our society. And many celebrities have succumbed to it, like Madonna, Tom Cruise or Rose McGowan! Sordid stories, to discover in our slideshow.

The stars are like us. Like all ordinary mortals, celebrities have their beliefs and many have succumbed to the sirens of sects. It’s not Jeane Manson who will come to say the opposite, she who was accused in the middle of the Richard Berry affair of having been part of the sect of the Children of God.

On May 23 in Do not touch My TV, Jeane Manson maintained that she was never part of this sect. In contrast to Joaquin Phoenix, who was part of it when he was a child! But also the actress Rose McGowan, who was freed from it by her father when she was a child. Re David and Patricia Arquettethe brother and sister were born in the Subud movement in Virginia, which advocates dialogue with God.

Avril Lavigne, Allison Mack, Michelle Pfeiffer…

Another famous sect? Scientology, to which many celebrities have succumbed, such as Tom Cruise who is a leader, but also Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smithwithout forgetting John Travolta. Madonnafor its part, was part of Kabbalah, just like Naomi Campbell, Britney Spears, April Lavigne or even Jerry Hall. Obviously impossible not to quote Allison Mackwho was number 2 in the NXVIM sect, of which was also a part Kristin Kreuk.

Neil Young, for his part, was one of the supporters of Charles Manson. It is not to a religious sect to which succumbed Michelle Pfeiffer but rather to a current of thought, called “breatharianism”, which consists of fasting as long as possible in order to feed on air and light.

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