Madonna, where’s your hand?!

Madonna (63) causes a stir with a new series of pictures.

The Queen of Pop’s provocation course never ends. For a long time, Madonna (63) has caused a stir with her delicate snapshots on Instagram than with new music. Now the 63-year-old is going one step further. In a new series of pictures, she shows herself in a skimpy leather outfit with a wild, blonde curly mane. She placed her hand provocatively in the crotch – following the example of Michael Jackson.

Madonna, where's your hand?!

Madonna is once again provocative on Instagram.

“Sexiest Queen Alive”?

While some fans are overjoyed, calling her the “sexiest queen alive” in the comments, others are hailing criticism. “All just to get attention, right? You need a life, “scolded one follower. Another emphasized: “It is not a crime to feel comfortable in your body.” Whether good or bad criticism, Madonna has once again managed to attract everyone’s attention .

The Crotch Grab has many imitators

It’s not the first time that Madonna’s so-called ‘crotch grab’ has garnered attention, and she’s not the only one either. In 1983, the King of Pop Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, revolutionized the stage world with his “Crotch Grab”. In the meantime, the lucrative trick has found many imitators, especially among female pop stars – from Miley Cyrus (29) to Rihanna (34).