Madonna with bizarre coke video

The “Queen of Pop” actually only wanted to announce her remix in a video, but then she made a spicy statement

Madonna introduces herself as “the mother of Jesus” in her latest Instagram video. Then she tries to announce the remix of her 1998 hit “Frozen”. But Madonna has trouble doing this, so the director behind the camera allows her a sip of wine. The pop diva tosses the glass onto a seat and asks, “Was the sip big enough?” Then the singer states: “Hello, I’m drunk.”

Madonna: “Wait for the cocaine to work”

After a dance routine and relaxation exercises, Madonna sniffs and says, “Wait for the cocaine to take effect.” Then she grabs her olfactory organ and suddenly new forces shoot into her body. She jumps around, raises her fists and says: “No one touches me! I’ll call the police.” In between, she keeps pulling her nose. Only then is she able to make the announcement. Most likely, the video is more of a joke than sad reality. It’s no secret that Madonna has a relaxed approach to the subject of drugs.

You can find the whole video here: