Mafe Walker and “the billionaire businesswoman” are already part of The Umbrella Academy

Luz María, “the billionaire businesswoman” is the image of The Umbrella Academy, as is the Colombian medium Mafe Walker

The most popular “intergalactic medium” of the moment has arrived in the universe of The Umbrella Academythe popular series of Netflix, in his new season. And it is that Mafe Walkerwho rose to fame in a massive way a few weeks ago, appears in a promo for the platform streaming announcing the serial starring Elliot Page.

In the commercial broadcast on YouTube we can see the scholar of the spiritual -who has been harshly criticized by Jaime Maussan- making a video call with Christopher Hargreevescubed with telekinetic superpowers, member of the Sparrow.

In the promotional plot, Christopher looks for the Colombian to ask her for help and tells him about his problems, which are part of the plot of the third season of the popular American series.

Mafer rose to fame from his invitation to Venga la alegría
Mafer rose to fame from his invitation to Venga la alegría

“It’s the galactic vibrations, let them enter you, flow! Trina Flame”, says Mafe Walker to the cube of The Umbrella Academy before starting to speak in the particular alien language that Mafer became popular after a few weeks ago she appeared as a guest on the program come the joya moment that immediately went viral.

Mafe Walker’s alien language causes Christopher to be destroyed by the high frequency vibrations he is exposed to and the spot It ends with the popular phrase of the Colombian “I love myself, I love you”, which has been the subject of ridicule and memes.

The incorporation of Mafe Walker to the universe of The Umbrella Academy has generated mixed reactions, because while some find it funny and creative that Netflix “has climbed the trendOthers assure that the exploitation of the image of the Colombian has already gone too far.

They Created Remixes Based On Mafe Walker’s Alien Language

Among the comments you can also read those who celebrate that the medium is earning money for speaking her peculiar extraterrestrial language, being that it has been the subject of multiple jokes and memes in recent days.

“This went too far”, “Everyone making fun of her, she making money. Good! For once the bullies take advantage”, “She no longer takes herself seriously, that was what she wanted, attention”, “This is the last straw, stop making famous those who have nothing to contribute”, “Uncle Netflix , you threw a stitch out of this world”, are some of the reactions to the video that begins to go viral.

But the medium who claims to be able to contact space intelligences It has not been the only “viral acquisition” of the content company via streamingas the company also had the participation of another popular internet figure to promote the same series.

Luz María stars in her "life stories" on his popular YouTube channel (Photo: File)
Luz María stars in her “Life Stories” on her popular YouTube channel (Photo: File)

With the great fame that has taken in recent months Luz María “the billionaire businesswoman”in her successful TikTok videos, the platform sought her out to star in another spot where the influencer she is introduced within the plot as one of the new Hargreeves sisters and changes her story.

In this fictional promo, Luz María becomes “number 8″ of the group, however, the course of history is changed, ensuring that it “will continue”, so probably in the next video, “the businesswoman” demonstrates her superhuman powers.

Luz gives life to different characters, but "the billionaire businesswoman" has identified her (Photo: File)
Luz gives life to different characters, but “the billionaire businesswoman” has identified her (Photo: File)

The popular character is none other than an actress named María José Villavicencio Celi, who stars in the miniseries Luz Maria: Life Storiesavailable on his YouTube channel, where he has 341 thousand subscribers.

Luz María, whose phrase of war in her videos is “I am a billionaire businesswoman who has money to buy whatever she wants”, is a short woman who appears in the stories where she usually gives an important life lesson to people who discriminate against her because of her physical appearance, because in the end she shows them that she is capable of doing all the things that “normal” people do.


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