Maffio invites you on a journey through his mind with his second album “Esto es mental”

Dominican singer-songwriter and businessman Maffio released his second album “Eso es Mental”, a journey through the mind of the acclaimed producer where he invites us through music to learn how his creative process works.

The launch of his new record production is accompanied by the premiere of the video clip of the flagship song, “Jaguayuken”, together with the multi-award winning Colombian group, ChocQuibTown.

The fun video – recorded on location in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic under the direction of Rodrigo Rodríguez – is inspired by the video game “Street Fighter”, from which the title of the single “Jaguayuken” is also born. Click here to view the video.

“That’s Mental” is a double album composed of 23 songs, side A is a global sound that gives us a glimpse into the future and side B is inspired by the “Underworld” – it is the sound that is born from the streets of Dominican Republic.

The new album was recorded in Miami and the Dominican Republic and about the inspiration behind the album Maffio expressed: “´Eso es Mental´ is one of my favorite phrases. The mind is powerful and we live with different types of machinery around us, but the real machine is you, everything is possible if you put your mind to it. Everything is mental”.

The new album has collaborations with artists of international stature, among which are on Side A: El Chombo who was in charge of the “Intro” and “Interlude”; ChocQuibTown in “Jaguayuken”; Amenazzy, Noriel and Akon in “Vamo a Pescar”; Manybeat on “MDMA”; CNCO and Kiko El Crazy in “teteo”; The Jeffrey in “RD”; Darell and Don Miguelo in “Elma Mary”; Omar Montes and Ana Mena in “Solo”; Lola Indigo in “It Sticks”; Kymani Marley, Julian Marley and Jo Mersa Marley in “Blessings”; Lenier in “Little Piece”; Go Sais an “Chillin”; Mariah Angeliq in “Tequila” and Baha Men in “Fire”.

B-Side called “Under World” artist brings the rhythms and sound of urban music in the Dominican Republic and includes collaborations with: musicologist “Attitude To The World”; Pastor RD in “Búscame thread”; Perverse and Yomel “honeyed” in “The Wedding”; Rafa PABON, Tato and Pastor in “Nozzle”; J Noa in “Jordan 2”; Eix and JC The Nevula in “two sheets” and “No I need”; Rainel in “Give Pikete”; Dixson Waz and Calacote in “Watch the Smoke”; Rafa Pabon and Pastor in “Bathe”.

Also “RD”, with the collaboration of the Dominican merengue legend, El Jeffrey: “This is my favorite song on the album and I want whoever listens to it to be Dominican or not feel it as their own. It is a nostalgic theme from the point of view of an emigrant who left his country looking for a better future, but always yearning to return,” said Maffio.