Magali Berdah sentenced to pay 2 million euros, Booba is jubilant

Through Jason Mathurin

– Modified Jan 20, 2023 at 12:08

For some time now, Magali Berdah has been accused on all sides of scamming her influencers. A condemnation fell on this subject…

The war declared by Booba against Magali Berdah is raging… For more than a year, the rapper has been driving crazy the one we call popess of influence. As a reminder, the businesswoman owns Shauna Events, an agency intended to support influencers. Whether it’s their image on social networks and their partnerships with brands. That being so, the lack of transparency and the many scams that abound in this environment have contributed to creating an amalgam. Still, B20 initiated a investigation by the Grasse public prosecutor’s office. This, for deceptive business practices and organized gang scam. What upset the daily life of the boss of Shauna Events. The Duke was in any case delighted with the recent condemnation of Magali Berdah’s companies. These will have to pay nearly 2 million euros to two influencers who claim to be scammed by the agent…

Two influencers claim millions from Shauna Events

End of September 2022, an influencer named Emma CakeCup accused the “popess” to have scammed her. After signing with Sublim Talent, a subsidiary of Shauna Events, she would have seen “bad surprises follow one another”. Between May and July 2019, the YouTuber would have chained several partnerships for product placements. On the other hand, she would not have received the expected money. This, despite several reminders… The transfers are slow and the situation stresses her. However, she will end up getting a check, but not up to the damage… Ditto for Vlad Otlean., ex of Emma CakeCup, who also signed with Sublim Talent. Result of the races, the agent will have to pay 1,800,000 euros. “It’s a fair decision. The Minister of the Economy also called for the influence sector to be regulated, but this condemnation proves that there are already means to fight against abuse.said in this regard Me Emmanuel Asmar, lawyer for the two interested parties.

Magali Berdah: doubts about her solvency

For his part, Booba savored this victory. “Today is a party”, he tweeted, sharing an article relating the facts. The rapper drinks whey, because justice considered that the defense of Magali Berdah ” not [pouvait] be considered as ‘in good faith’ “. Especially since the jurors questioned the solvency of the agency. To detail the sums involved, Emma CakeCup, now called Emma Paris, will receive 866,000 euros for wrongful termination. To this will be added 216,000 euros in unpaid invoices and 5,000 euros in legal fees. Vlad Oltean, her ex, will receive 524,495 euros in damages, 190,000 euros for his unpaid bills and 5,000 euros. If B20 is still fighting against Magali Berdah, the latter denounces his dubious methods against him. Harassed “in pack”, she would then have received more than 100,000 threats. The head of the company intends in any case to appeal this decision.