Magaly Chávez gets tired and ends romance with Alfredo Adame

Once again, the controversial couple between Alfredo Adame and Magaly Chavez is causing a stir on social networks after they starred in an intense fight on the reality show “I’m famous, get me out of here!”, where they had a couple of differences after a scene of jealousy from the extor.

It seems that there are still problems in paradise, because less than a month after their first breakup, the former member of ‘Falling in Love’ and the controversial celebrity once again put an end to their relationship, and this time it was Chávez who decided to break their love bond with the.

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It all started when Alfredo Adame let his now ex-girlfriend know that he did not want her to get close to one of the participants of the TV Azteca reality show, Guty Carrera, But everything ended up exploding when the theater actress also told him that he had to start controlling his temper as he had promised, but the latter did not pay attention to his request.

“You had already promised me something, that you weren’t going to talk like that anymore… I told you: ‘love, I don’t like how you express yourself and you swore to me.’ Everything you swear to me is in vain”, Said the popular internet celebrity to the controversial ex-driver, and without flinching, he replied that he had forgotten the promise what he had done to her.

“After a while when you don’t respect me, when you do something to me, you’re going to say: ‘I forgot'”, the famous influencer claimed again, but it seems that Alfredo Adame did not care much because he only He replied that he no longer trusted himwhich made Magaly Chávez break into tears.

Obviously, the beautiful influencer was visibly upset due to the responses she received from her now ex-partner: “As much as I tell Alfredo, don’t talk this way anymore, don’t hate anymore, don’t say anymore, don’t think disparagingly anymore, it goes in one ear and out the other. It makes me think that everything he has said before was a lie?

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To everyone’s surprise, Magaly Chávez was the one who made the decision to end Adame, since she is not interested in changing her attitude to be a better person and only ignores what she says: “It’s a bit hurtful for me because she ignores. I’m not going to do anything anymore, I tried to help him… This man doesn’t understand anything (…) No way, he was left without a girlfriend”.

For his part, Alfredo Adame confessed that will try to reconcile with the Mexican influencer and reach an agreement, but he assured that if they cannot save the relationship, he will leave the issue for peace and will not continue to insist.

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